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Individual Coaching by Mira

Here you can book your personal 1 on 1 coaching with me. I am already looking forward to your registration!

Yours, Mira!

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Group Coaching by Mira

New date follows. Instead of a 1 on 1 coaching there is the unique opportunity of a group coaching. I am very much looking forward to your registrations.

Yours, Mira!

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The coaching after the coaching

Here you can book your personal 1 on 1 coaching with me, after you have already had a coaching with me. I am already looking forward to your registration!

Yours, Mira!

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Relationship Coaching by Mira

In this coaching program we process your thoughts that prevent you to start anew and to believe in yourself! I am happy to talk to you!

Yours, Mira!

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Coaching by Mira - with Kids

It all starts at home.
Book the 6-week program for your child now.

Yours, Mira!

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What Tanja says about the coaching

How it all began...

Since 2014, Mira has been working with the Law of Attraction and the spiritual world. The book "The Secret" gave her an insight into a new world. A world she had never come into contact with before. She decided to research everything thoroughly, to exchange ideas with various gurus and mindset coaches and to take part in a wide variety of seminars. She wanted to absorb as much knowledge as possible so that she could change her life positively and help others with it.

The coaching sessions of Mindset Coach Bob Proctor finally inspired her to make some important decisions in her personal life and to redesign her life. The years of preparation and implementation of the material in her own life have brought Mira the desired result today. If she has learned anything from all the coaching sessions, it is this:
- Show me your result and I know who you are.

"Many people don't really understand what coaching is. I didn't know at the time either. But what I did realise was that I had to invest in myself to be able to think like that today. How and what you think determines your future. Everything I have learned, nobody can take away from me. This know-how helps me to find my way in every situation in my life and never lose my balance and focus. If you develop emotional intelligence, you will take the right steps in difficult times and only look forward. All that matters is taking the next right step."

Initial interview:
Not everyone needs intensive coaching. In some cases, just an initial meeting is enough. Some significant tips can help you to start on a new path. We are happy to arrange an appointment to discuss your concerns.

12-week coaching:
If you choose 12 weeks of coaching, you can look forward to weekly conversations and assignments. It is an intensive coaching with great long-term results. My goal of this coaching is for you to understand the material and be able to apply it on your own after the 12 weeks. You will be able to think correctly and build yourself up in difficult times.

The 12-week programme is a very comprehensive, intensive and reflective coaching. It is much deeper than the 6-week programme. These 3 months give us enough time for a positive "reprogramming" of the subconscious. A new thought pattern can only be properly adopted and achieved through intensive repetition.
This helps us to strengthen the mindset and to accept, implement and live the new beliefs properly.
Everything that is in the 6-week programme is of course also in the 12-week coaching.

In the 6-week programme you will receive the application and core information that you can use in your everyday life to feel better and consciously replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

The only thing I expect from my "students" is the maximum willingness to work on YOU. This will is enormously important for the implementation of all tasks. You alone are the centre of everything and determine how far you want to go. I give you the wind at your back and all my knowledge to be able to change your life positively.

Coaching Podcast

Mindset coaching at primary schools

Imagine if we had all had a mindset coach at school. Someone who taught us the laws of attraction/law of vibration in such a way that we would have been able to shape our later life with a positive mindset completely freely. Our self-image, our perception and our way of thinking would have unfolded completely differently. Our mental strength would be much more developed and we would live life more positively.
Since last year, I have been offering mindset coaching for adults on a professional basis. However, it has always been my wish to work with young people and children. Because young people in particular are the best people to shape and strengthen. At the end of 2021, I met Stefanie through mindset coaching. She works as a primary school teacher at the primary school in Niederglatt and currently teaches a 3rd grade class. Through the positive experience of the coaching, Stefanie decided to invite me to her class. This was the start of our journey together, in which we set ourselves the goal of integrating the Law Of Attraction into the school day. Now we have the chance to create a free subject where the children learn to build mental strength to overcome hurdles in life. In this podcast we talk about mindset, schools, children and of course Stefanie's personal career.

Q&A with Mira - All about coaching, Law of Attraction, Mindset and experiencing life!

In this podcast I am asked the questions! Ivana successfully completed a personal coaching session with me last year. Even during the coaching, she had incredibly great questions that always got me thinking. Ivana and I really wanted to share these thought processes with the world in a podcast.

MINDSET IS EVERYTHING - you alone decide what you think and what you want to make of yourself. In this podcast, Ivana explains her personal development during the coaching and also tells why she can hardly remember Ivana before the coaching.
As Steve Jobs once said: You can only connect the dots looking backwards!

Instagram: @ivanasstajic

Coaching by Mira

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Work hard, invest in yourself and believe that great things are coming your way.

Feedback for my coaching


Before I started coaching with Mirjana, I had always been concerned with personal development. Although this has been an important concern for me for a long time, I didn't know exactly how to approach this 'realising potential'. As if ordered by the universe, I found out by chance that Mirjana was offering coaching sessions, and I knew - that's it. At first I could not imagine anything about mindset coaching, but I knew that this was the right decision.
At our first appointment I met her in Zurich and was able to get to know her and all her warmth, attention, competence, clarity, enthusiasm and generosity. I was overwhelmed that you could actually feel this energy like that! That is why I urge everyone to take the time to go to Zurich, because such a personal basis for such an important path is worth its weight in gold.
During the whole coaching Mirjana took an enormous amount of time for me, my questions and thought processes and supported me in my plans and goals. She has always been there for me in word and deed and has equipped and prepared me in the best possible way for my further path in life. I don't think words can express how grateful I am.
This coaching was definitely an investment for life, because 'Life is a Mira-cle'.


Hello dear Mira

After your coaching I immediately started to write down everything I have learned, what I can be grateful for every day and what I still need to learn.
During our conversation, you flipped such a switch in my head with just one sentence, I can hardly believe it today. The past is the past, we are here and now and our time is so precious and valuable. There are much more beautiful things worth talking about than the ones that broke us.

I would like to thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Since the conversation, things have been wonderful, I no longer think about the past, I read through the things you have written about me and I am simply grateful. Grateful above all that you came into my life.
I could start crying again because it was
because it was such an unbelievably great feeling to talk to you, that you also took the time, I am infinitely grateful to you. Meanwhile you belong to my morning ritual 🥰
I thank God for bringing you to me and hope for more great coaching sessions and conversations with you.
I wish you only the best in this world. Such a great person really. Stay the way you are, you are perfect and a mad inspiration to all. 🍀🥰🤩


I can only warmly recommend Mirjana, she is an absolute person of the heart and with full commitment.
Although we didn't know each other at all, she took the time to call me one evening to find out what my concerns were. She is not only convincing because of her positive charisma, but she also knows how to ask the right questions at the right time. She encourages you and gives you the right food for thought to reflect on yourself more and to recognise your own self-worth more clearly.

I felt very understood and in good hands during the conversation. She was very empathetic, sympathetic and professional. After the conversation I was very motivated to learn more about myself and was excited about what the next time will bring.

I am glad to have met such a positive and kind-hearted person and I know she is an investment in herself - which will be worth it!


Mira is great!
You can tell how much she cares about the community and personal development. She picks up the phone right away and calls you. During the first conversation, she also made it clear to me that ultimately I have to (should) follow what I enjoy and am good at, the money would automatically follow me. I then had a thorough look at my job situation and decided to quit my job to follow my interests. Since then, I have not regretted taking the step for a single day. After every conversation/message from her, I feel charged with positive energy and have a big smile on my face. I am looking forward to everything that is yet to come, thank you Mira!


HELLO WORLD how Mira would start her sentence 😉 I have a story to tell.
I have a story to tell about how Mira persuaded me to travel alone.
Hmm, where do I start?!?
First something small about me: I am female, 31 years old and married. I was struggling with myself in October because I had caught up mentally from last year. I knew I was in a bad place mentally and just needed to find time for myself and get out of Switzerland to forget all my worries. I asked some of my colleagues if they would like to go away with me for a long weekend, but unfortunately none of them had time. So I asked myself more and more the question should I go alone or should I just leave it alone? But I didn't want my husband to come along, as we often treat ourselves to trips like this during the year and use the time for ourselves.
But I had NEVER travelled alone before and was very unsure what to do... Somehow I came across Mira's profile and saw her stories and thought I'd ask her for advice at 11.20pm. Mira is actually a completely ''FREMDE'' person for me, because I don't know her privately at all, but nevertheless she gave me a feeling at that moment, THOUGH I can write to her and I feel HAPPY to write to her. She will certainly be able to help me overcome my insecurities about travelling alone.
So I dug my fingers into the keyboard and wrote her a huge text and lo and behold, Mira replied pretty much immediately and I was very surprised at her response. So I had the whole night to think about my trip and book everything from A-Z the next day.
And that's how I really did it, I allowed myself the time ALONE and did everything I like to do. I really enjoyed the time, especially because I was able to think about so many things and process some of the things that had been weighing on me during this short time.
In the morning, I went for brunch in various cafés and restaurants, then I walked through the city and simply enjoyed the beautiful weather. Then I sat down in a park and just watched the people around me and enjoyed not having any time pressure, because I was alone and could do what I wanted and when I wanted.
The only thing I needed to overcome was dinner, how on earth was I supposed to go out for dinner on a Saturday night ALONE in a big city. Sitting there alone and eating my meal. I thought to myself at first what will the others think!? Fortunately, this thought was immediately followed by another thought: "What do I care about the OTHERS! I don't know them and if it's good for me, why not? So I also went out in the evening for a Dinner for ONE as Mira wrote and hey.... I really enjoyed it She also gave me some tips where to go as she already knew the city and helped me to get a table.
Conclusion of my trip with myself: I will do it again !!! I will travel alone again and enjoy the time as it did me a lot of good and YES you get to know other people quite quickly and have interesting conversations I flew home quite happy and also missed my husband, which was also a nice sign.
Mira, keep up your positive attitude and your openness, because you can help a lot of people to get out of themselves. I think you did that for me and I'm very grateful that you gave me the little kick up the arse I needed that evening when I wrote to you. And it was and is not a matter of course for me that I got such tips from you, because we don't know each other at all. You didn't hesitate to share all your knowledge with me and to help me and I appreciate that VERY much and unfortunately it is not a matter of course at this time, although it would be so easy. Life would be better if everyone could help each other!
Many thanks


I took part in the Sunice Ambassador Contest in St.Moritz. Mira was assigned to me as my personal coach. The task at the contest was to shoot a personal trailer of me. Mira accompanied me to all the shootings and was with me everywhere during these 4 days. I can't describe how much I learned from this woman in such a short time. Her support and commitment were incredible. Mira pushed me from the beginning to the end to give the best of myself.
It was always very important to her that I felt comfortable with what I was doing and that I could implement everything the way I wanted to. She didn't just give me tips for the shoots or for the video shoot, Mira wanted to get the best out of me in these four days.
It was no longer about learning a lot about social media from her, because Mira gave me all her life advice along the way. I learned so much about how to assert myself in life and that I am able to do everything I want.
Her way of thinking is so motivating. It has been extremely inspiring for me to work on myself and change my lifestyle as well as my thought process. This experience with her and what I learnt from her shaped me a lot. I am still extremely grateful to have had Mira by my side as a personal coach.


I got to know Mira through Instagram. She had already fascinated me for a few years, as Mira was always more than a normal influencer for me. When I requested her, everything happened very quickly. We started directly a few days later with the six-week coaching. I was very grateful to Mira for this spontaneous coaching start, as I was currently in a very difficult life situation.

The time during the coaching was very intense, instructive and magical for me. It was a great privilege for me, as I was allowed to immerse myself 100% in Mira's world. Mira confided in me many stories and was an open book for me. She shared with me all her best contacts and was very keen for me to follow my personal process as much as possible.

My previous thought patterns kept catching up with me. That's why I appreciated being able to check in with Mira at any time. She always helped me to get on the right track so that I could pursue my goals and I didn't let my fears irritate me. Mira's mindset fascinated me so much that I invited her to my 3rd class. The collaboration was a complete success and the children still tell us about the stories Mira shared with us.

I would recommend Mira to anyone who is looking for personal development and a highly motivated coach who is available almost 24 hours a day. It was a huge gift that I got to know Mira and that she enchanted my life. Even after I have finished coaching, I know that I can always contact her again if I need support.


I have been working with the Law of Attraction for a long time and was looking for a LOA coach in my area. By chance, I came across Mira. I already knew her from Instagram and always thought she was super likeable and put together. When I saw that she had been working on this topic for a while, I immediately signed up for an initial consultation.

And all I can say is WOW!

This one hour went by so quickly. The conversation with Mira was very inspiring and she was able to give me exactly the right tips. I went straight to work afterwards and implemented what she recommended. Mira really is a Law of Attraction expert!
After the successful first meeting, it was immediately clear to me that I wanted to continue working with Mira and learn even more from her, and I immediately signed up for the 12-week programme!
I am really looking forward to the next few weeks and can heartily recommend Mira to everyone!


Christian 2.0 = Coaching by Mira

A few years ago I started to understand that I always attract what I think. This sentence determines my life, whether positive or negative. When you understand this one sentence, you realise that everything in life is built on beliefs. These beliefs are deep inside me, throughout my life.

Coaching by Mira = today I love all the beliefs and I am glad they are there.

From this history, a strategy arose in me to do something about it. I sat down at my PC and researched what was available on the market. I couldn't figure it out. At the same time, I had noticed Mira on Insta for a while. I always found her stories very heartfelt and, above all, authentic. Suddenly a link came up with a story that Mira also offers coaching and I knew I had found my coach. Here I became aware of the first sentence again. After the first kick-off meeting, it quickly became clear that we were on the same path. I was amazed at what happened after our first coaching session. I was able to define my goals together with Mira. We not only defined the goals but also anchored them as beliefs until the end. Today I live the life I always wanted. I love every day of my life and enjoy every second of it. As a coach, Mira has taught me in a simple way how to achieve my goals. As a role model, Mira lives the practice and knows exactly what she is doing. I have come a big step further thanks to Mira. Today I know words like patience, strength, perseverance, will, sense of duty, learning, believing, best. I know that everything in life has a meaning and I don't question this meaning. It is a part of the path, because I am allowed to go to my goal.Finally.... Live in the now, breathe life in and out and enjoy every second. Mira will do everything else with you. Thank you for everything Mira, I can only recommend you.

Christian your first male client