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"Many people don't really understand what coaching is. I didn't know at the time either. But what I did realise was that I had to invest in myself to be able to think like that today. How and what you think determines your future. Everything I have learned, nobody can take away from me. This know-how helps me to find my way in every situation in my life and never lose my balance and focus. If you develop emotional intelligence, you will take the right steps in difficult times and only look forward. All that matters is taking the next right step."

Initial interview:
Not everyone needs intensive coaching. In some cases, just an initial meeting is enough. Some significant tips can help you to start on a new path. We are happy to arrange an appointment to discuss your concerns.

12-week coaching:
If you choose 12 weeks of coaching, you can look forward to weekly conversations and assignments. It is an intensive coaching with great long-term results. My goal of this coaching is for you to understand the material and be able to apply it on your own after the 12 weeks. You will be able to think correctly and build yourself up in difficult times.

The 12-week programme is a very comprehensive, intensive and reflective coaching. It is much deeper than the 6-week programme. These 3 months give us enough time for a positive "reprogramming" of the subconscious. A new thought pattern can only be properly adopted and achieved through intensive repetition.
This helps us to strengthen the mindset and to accept, implement and live the new beliefs properly.
Everything that is in the 6-week programme is of course also in the 12-week coaching.

In the 6-week programme you will receive the application and core information that you can use in your everyday life to feel better and consciously replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

The only thing I expect from my "students" is the maximum willingness to work on YOU. This will is enormously important for the implementation of all tasks. You alone are the centre of everything and determine how far you want to go. I give you the wind at your back and all my knowledge to be able to change your life positively.