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Podcast: Road to Success


In March 2024, Mira's podcast was broadcast on TV for the first time! The STAR TV channel broadcasts the best episodes of Road to Success by Mira in prime time in the DACH region!

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The podcast started as an "interview format". Due to the pandemic, it was a bit difficult to meet the guests in person. People got creative! Mira recorded several episodes to bridge the gap, where she talked a lot more about herself. So the podcast transformed into a new format. The episodes were built up with feedback from the listeners and are now much more informative and lively.

In each published episode, Mira gives deep insights into her private life, shares her personal experiences and tries to create each episode in such a way that it has added value for her community. The conversations with her guests are natural and authentic. You feel like you are part of the conversation.

"I used to worry too much and spend hours preparing every interview. Today I stand in front of the camera and the microphone and just talk. I no longer worry about what others might think of me. I have become so saddle-sure and confident. Practice makes perfect." - Mira

The feedback from her followers has always motivated her to keep going and never give up. Through her work, she has learned how to talk about emotions so that others can identify with her. The podcast has changed Mira positively in her personal development. She knew that if she wanted to be successful with the podcast, she had to be approachable.

In the first season, the podcast was supported by three great companies.
Kerastase Switzerland, Vejo and Ona Poke enabled Mira to get started with Road To Success. (Link) At that time, podcast was not yet a concept for many people. It was a great compliment for Mira to have these companies on her side. For her, it meant that they believed in her vision and her talent.

Use your voice:

In this podcast we get to know a world star! She is super successful, beautiful and wants to change the women's football world.

Injustice & oppression of women on the football pitch is probably only an issue for women. Ana Markovic plays for Grasshopper Club Zurich and is a Croatian national player. The pressure is high, but so is the mindset on fleek! We get to know Ana from a very normal and approachable side and talk about love, work, the body and her mission: TO CHANGE WOMEN'S FOOTBALL IN THE WORLD! Let's give light to what is still in the shadows....

The road to success is always under construction - you better start now!

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