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All The Big Steps Of My Life

At the beginning of 2022 Mira was able to teach "Law Of Attraction" to children at an elementary school in an interesting way.
Here you can find more information about this great event.

Through Mira's social media and podcast, "Road To Success by Mira," parents became aware of the coaching sessions. Mira was able to realize her vision and conduct 1:1 coaching sessions with children. Here is the first feedback.

Since summer 2022, Mira has been calling herself "The Real Mira" on her social networks.
A clear statement, because "realness" is her personal secret of success.
"I had to change the name for a variety of reasons, and again, that was the best thing that could have happened to me. Actually, the story is really incredible...
The universe had a plan for me again. @therealmira is just real, honest and very transparent! - This is me and this is my power!" - Mira

In Los Angeles, Mira was able to dive into a new podcast world and connect with podcast masters. She took these new insights and working techniques to Europe, where she has now taken Road To Success by Mira to a new level.
Find out more about this 2022 highlight on YouTube and Instagram: The Real Mira

In addition to coaching and podcasts, Mira was able to take on a new challenge. She put together her own granola with Nuts&Friends, which will be available online and in stores from February 2023.

In 2021 Mira decided to set up Mindset Coaching professionally.
The reason for this decision was the result in her own life. With the right application and implementation of what she learned, Mira was always able to keep a clear head and stay focused in the most difficult times of her life. "When I realised how I could create the small miracles in my life myself, I changed my life positively and focused only on the good. Life began to be a miracle!"

July 2020

"Road to Success by Mira" is the positive mindset and inspiration podcast for all those who want to be inspired by unique personalities. Whether it's influencers, athletes or entrepreneurs, Mira wants to know from her interviewees how they have managed everything despite the hurdles. With her podcast, the power woman wants to motivate, inspire and help others on their way.

May 2019

Ina Aogo and Mira decided to start the podcast "Spielerfrauen on air" together.
Podcast was not a big term in their latitudes at the time. Nobody knew what it actually was. For the first time in Germany, two players' wives came together to give insights into their private lives and talk about clich├ęs surrounding the topic of "players' wives".

Together, the two women have managed to create a wave in the German-speaking region.
Both Ina and Mira were aware that "Spielerfrauen on air" was a risky move: but to be first movers, you have to take risks. The reaction of the audience and fans encouraged Ina and Mira to continue with their podcast.

May 2019

"For me, it was a very special moment to see all the people in the audience listening to us intently. At that moment I realised that I had been working on myself for so many years and all the preparation had finally paid off."

Being live on a stage, entertaining the audience and recording a live podcast was a new challenge for Mira. "Today I know that I can face all fears without any problems and I can only win!" - Mira

May 2018

"I always wanted to experience a casting show for my personal development." For Mira, being part of the casting show "Sylvie's Lingerie Models" was a personal enrichment. "Being part of the show was the best experience I have ever had. I learned so much about TV show production and the dos and don'ts of TV!" Moreover, it inspired her to start her own production one day.

May 2018

2018 was a big year for Mira, as it was the year she fulfilled some of her biggest dreams. In 2018, Mira was on the cover of the American lifestyle and fashion magazine Agenda. This particular issue was called "Savage Beauty" with the intention of believing in uniqueness. It conveyed the message that everyone is beautiful in their own special way.

May 2018

In 2018, Mira tried to produce her own YouTube channel with shorter videos. She increasingly felt the urge to share her opinion about the importance of deep conversations and self-development to help her community find their own passion.
The tagline of this concept was: "Miragram is a program to reprogram your mind."

May 2017

Elle Myra was Mira's own online multi-brand shop. This shop brought together great young designers and new emerging brands. The concept was very well thought out, because you could sell handmade, sustainable and custom-made clothes worldwide. The intention of this shop was to pay more attention to quality, to put sustainability in the foreground and thus to shop less in the fast fashion sector.

May 2016

Mira participated in Belgrade Fashion Week as a fashion designer and received the award from the renowned ELLE magazine for the "most eye-catching runway show". At this participation she met great designers who later became her business partners.

May 2014

Mira's participation in the Miss Switzerland competition was the beginning of her career. This participation allowed her to find out for herself what it feels like to be on stage, to conduct interviews and to always appear professionally even under stress. Today she calls it a "personal training" that she has completed.

Feb 1993

Mira was born on 02 February 1993 in Zurich, Switzerland. She grew up with her grandparents, parents and her two siblings.
After successfully completing her commercial apprenticeship and gaining work experience, she decided to dedicate herself to her creativity and pursue a completely different career path.