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Everything happens for you!

Relationships are something wonderful. Through relationships with other people, we get to know each other better and can grow.
Nothing happens by chance. The people with whom we enter into a relationship define our mindset, our beliefs and also our routines. Because everything can rub off on us.

Being abandoned or leaving someone, both can be hard. You are afraid of the unknown, the uncertain, and the unpredictable because you don't know what all is in store for you. Your fears and your doubts hold you back. You live in a negative spiral and cannot break out. You lose the smile on your face and can hardly feel happiness, joy and love. All you want is the feeling of emotional freedom and true absolute fulfillment.

In this coaching program we process your thoughts that prevent you from starting anew and believing in yourself!

Together we will transform your negative thoughts into positive affirmations and thus create a clear vision of yourself, which will strengthen you through your separation and help you to realize your personal highest potential. In this program I help you not only to go through your separation positively and confidently, but to keep the focus always on you and your creation.
There lies your power!

What you will learn in this coaching program:

* Learning to let go and keep the focus only on you and your creation (not on your ex-partner or the outside world).
* Strengthen and internalize self-love and self-respect
* Affirmations for strengthening a new consciousness
* Create a positive attitude towards the new life situation
* Change the perspective on the current situation and draw the lessons & learnings for life from it
* Understand and consciously use the power of your thoughts
* Create self-discovery through personal development

"I was able to learn the most about myself and life through my divorce. My marriage was the best school of life for me. When I wanted to separate, I was afraid of the unknown. What will life be like after the separation? Will I make a mistake? To this day, I have not regretted taking this path.
Through the divorce I have become an incredibly strong, courageous and self-confident woman. I am very grateful for that. Today I have created the life I always wanted to have for myself. All the tasks and routines that I applied myself during my divorce phase, I now want to pass on to other people to lead them through a beautiful door into unlimited life. One thing I can tell you: the result never lies!"

- Mira, Los Angeles 07.11.2022