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It all starts at home.
Book the 6-week program for your child now.

At the beginning of 2022, I was allowed to conduct my "Coaching with Kids" at an elementary school in Zurich.
I felt ready to package the material for children so simply and clearly that it actually felt like the book "The Secret".
You have to let the kids dream! The visualizing is the dreaming!
A vivid vision and a positive, strong self-image - that's what we want to strive for!

Children are deprived of dreaming and visualizing at a young age, their self-image is weakened by the external world or their way of thinking is shaped by their environment. I could talk to the children at eye level in elementary school and show them a world that we have all forgotten.

The result was clearly visible and I see this as one of my greatest successes in life. In a 6-week program, we work intensively on the child's self-image and delve into the Law Of Vibration/Law Of Attraction through storytelling.
We create a vision board together and learn to understand, feel and deal with emotions.
Mental strength is built and the child shows positive results not only at home, but also at school, with friends and also in the learning phase.

The relationship with the parents is as important during the coaching as with the child. Each step is discussed in detail with the parents.
Before and after the coaching I inform the parents each time about the lesson and explain the tasks given.
The support of the parents is the most important thing in this coaching. It is a teamwork that brings even better results when the parents are involved.

In this feedback you will find everything you need to know so that you too can help your child:

Feedback family

Hello Dear Mira

It all started with this message

September 8, 2022

I don't even know how to begin....

You probably get hundreds of messages a day. I hope with the quote you are still with me and read this message to the end! I just have the feeling it is the right time to write to you. Because everything happens for a reason.

... and now from the beginning:

I've been following you on Insta for a while now. When I saw that you were visiting a school class, I was so excited! What you said to those kids really touched me. I wish I could have listened to someone like you when I was in school! That is why I wish my 2 daughters had that chance!

Sometimes it's not enough for them to hear from us as parents that they are AWESOME.

"The hardest prison to escape from is your mind."

They are/come into puberty (11 & soon 13) have little self-confidence and are insecure. They both have had some things happen at school with other kids that have changed them! The sparkle in their eyes is gone. We talk a lot with them, but they close themselves more and more, not to us, but to the others. For my girls I wish only the best! I think that a conversation with you could change their view of life in a positive way!
You must know the quote from above! ☺️ I wish for my girls that they break out of this "prison"!

I am excited and looking forward to a MIRACLE!!! 🌌

December 31, 2022

This was the best decision my husband and I could have made for our children! Not only our girls, also our son and also we parents, could learn from the coaching! Everyone has become more relaxed and consciously more understanding of each other. Middle daughter has blossomed so much in the last few weeks and has opened up again. The self-confidence has become so noticeable! With the older daughter we also see a huge progress, she falls back into the "old pattern" in between. Then we as parents are called upon again to motivate and remind her of all the things she has learned in coaching. About 3 weeks ago she had a low and our last call with Mira came just in time. On that day everything went wrong from our daughter's point of view. She listed all the negative experiences of the day to you. Out of all these negative experiences you turned everything into a positive for her and lo and behold, our daughter was as fascinated as you were. And all the experiences that day no longer felt bad. By looking at it from a positive perspective, it all made sense! "The hardest prison to escape is your mind" so you see what your thoughts can do! Working on yourself and your attitude every day allows you to see life from a positive perspective, even if things don't go as planned!


We are very happy & grateful we made this step and contacted you! You are a kind-hearted person with so much positive energy & a wonderful charisma! You have motivated & inspired us all to be a better YOU!!! THANK YOU from ❤️