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Content Creation

"Social media has become a great platform to be able to share with the whole world and grow your personal network!" - Mira

She has been greeting her followers with "HELLO WORLD" for a few years now, which has already become her trademark, and says: "There is nothing better than reading the messages from my followers. It shows me that I'm needed and I'll never stop using social media!"
Projecting an authentic demeanour and positive energy is very important to her. She loves to show her personality on social media and knows that many can relate to her. She feels free and comfortable in front of the camera, which you can feel in her videos.

Mira has been able to work on herself with the feedback from her followers, to develop and always reinvent herself. The focus on her Instagram account is "Positive Mindset", where she talks about her insights and worldview in short videos or quotes.

Through her posts and podcasts, she regularly received messages from her followers who needed help in certain life situations. She was able to help many people in this way over the years until she finally decided to offer coaching professionally.

Mira started as a content creator at the end of 2020 and has since been working with large and international brands. Within a very short time, she was able to establish herself as a successful influencer in Switzerland and is respected and appreciated for her work.
"Blank out everything that could limit your creativity, focus completely on yourself and whatever you do, do it with all your heart. When you do something you love, it's not work, it's your calling!" - Mira




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